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  • Administrative Affairs Division
  • Office Affairs Division
  • Self-Employment Division
  • Recruitment Division


Recruitment Division

The Division is concerned with all recruitment process, both local and foreign.


Its tasks include:

Foreign recruitment:
By dispatching specialized technical and administrative committees, upon the approval of the concerned authority, through the health attaches and national offices and companies).

  • Listing the medical and technical vacancies with no available citizen to fill them after coordination with the Ministry of Labor for the issuance of visas for the positions approved to be filled by the Ministry of Civil Service.
  • Coordinating with the health employment attaches and national offices and companies with regard to dispatching recruitment committees and making the necessary arrangements for that.
  • Nomination for the first chapter positions through the dispatched committees or the applicants' waiting lists at the offices and companies in case there are no available positions for them during the presence of the committees.
  • Following up the arrival of those recruited from abroad and ensuring their settlement on the jobs they were nominated for. And in case of apology, the booking of these positions will be cancelled.
  • Following up the candidates and urging the offices to expedite the finalization of their travelling so as to assume their duties at the decided places.
  • Following up the arrivals and informing their employers to do the necessary arrangements for their reception and completing their recruitment procedures.
  • Preparing periodic reports for the positions that have been filled and sorted by the place of recruitment.
  • Following up issuance of resolutions about the employees from outside and inside the Kingdom.
  • Responding to the inquiries from the regions and offices outside the Kingdom.

Local Recruitment:
For residents of the Kingdom as per certain terms and conditions.

  • Receiving recruitment requests from inside the Kingdom for those allowed to have contracts after meeting all the required conditions, and making sure that there are no obstacles to contracting.
  • Addressing the Ministry of Interior for approval of the transfer of sponsorship of the applicants from the inside of the Kingdom.
  • Linking positions with visas for candidates by the recruitment committees from abroad and completing the contractual procedures with them.
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