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Habsons is committed to provide the highest quality of trade testing and skill evaluation services for the welfare of the Indian workforce through competence and professionalism as well as to maintain the international standard established by the manpower industry.

Indo Gulf Trade Centre

Indo Gulf Trade Centre at Habsons was established in response to the increasing demand for skill testing and training in the manpower industry. The current and likely future requirements necessitated the screening and pre-qualification process to identify the knowledge, skill and strength of technical personnel. Such a process is referred to as trade testing. The rationale of trade testing is to identify the specific work skills, theoretical and practical capabilities of a technician based on his/her work experience.

For this, we have set up a spacious workshop equipped with modern facilities and equipment to meet the requirements of our growing lists of satisfied clients.


  • To provide employers and recruitment agencies an effective means of determining an applicant's skill level systematically and scientifically.
  • To provide a qualitative evaluation of an individual on how he can adapt to future job requirements based on his skillset.
  • To improve the quality and efficiency of personnel through effective testing/ training and evaluation programs.

Indo Gulf Trade Centre offers its clients and associates trade testing facilities of the candidates in the following category:

Building Construction & Architecture.

  • Architectural Drafting
  • AutoCAD
  • Building Construction - Carpentry
  • Building Trades Maintenance
  • Carpentry
  • Construction Masonry - Block laying
  • Construction Masonry - Bricklaying
  • Construction Masonry - Stone

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